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Welcome to my site, I'm HK! I’m a current North Carolina based actress and graduate of Western Carolina University (BFA Musical Theatre). Theatre has always been such a huge part of my life since childhood and I can't imagine who I’d be without it. It's shaped me into the person that I am today. 

My goal as an actress is to break the mold that’s expected of a Black woman in theatre! If we had better representation of BIPOC in casting, we would be unlocking so many more levels of productions and experiences that have gone unfelt (and unseen) for far too long. I want to show other people that look like me, that we are SO much more than just the color of our skin. ​

When I’m not doing theatre, you can find me reading a new book, cooking up some fun meals, listening to music or cuddling my precious kitty, PB. 

Again, thanks for stopping by!

Enjoy the site and let’s collab ♡

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